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Amazing Alliums

Onions and garlic are just a start to the greatness that is the Allium family! In this article, you will gain more familiarity with their uses in the garden, kitchen, medicinal, and wild, with recipes, resources, and much more!

Scoping Out Amish Country — Part 2

So much to see and do there, but we had a schedule to keep, so into the car we piled! We drove back to the Dutch Kitchen, passing gorgeous Amish farms, old-fashioned one-room schoolhouses filled with Amish children, horse-drawn buggies, a chocolate factory, another cheese house — literally, my head felt like it was on a swivel trying to take it all in!

Changing the Sheets: Organizing & Planning Vegetable Beds

February is one of those months that I spend indoors cleaning and planning, taking advantage of being cooped up. I downsize for donations, recycle paperwork, review last year’s notes, finalize goals, build my calendar, and what I consider the most enjoyable: ordering seeds and designing my vegetable beds.

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