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For Such A Time As This

The phrase swirling around in my head is, “for such a time as this.” It completes so many questions during these days of uncertainty, anxiety, unknowns.

Why am I a homesteader? For such a time as this.
Why do I grow my own food? For such a time as this.
Why do I spend so much time learning about local medicinal herbs? For such a time as this.
Why do I invest personal time creating a like-minded community? For such a time as this.
Why is it important I learn these survival skills? For such a time as this.
Why does NLHG exist? For such a time as this.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would see days like the ones we are living now. A pandemic that literally shuts down the world? Job losses, face masks, death, fears, quarantine, etc.

And yet, in the midst of all this craziness, I am confident I will be okay. It’s spring – my vegetable aisle is my own front lawn and the woods. I have canned goods on the shelves, honey from last year’s harvest. I have meat in the freezer, eggs on the counter. When I’m asked how life is for me right now, I answer that it’s not that much different. I’m here on the homestead, 6′ – or rather, 600′ – from the next human being.

It’s for such a time as this that I have spent years learning the skills necessary to take care of myself and others.

It’s for such a time as this that I am even more motivated to reach more women to share knowledge and bring them into our community. Hundreds, no thousands, of women are standing stronger during this pandemic, taking care of their families and those around them because of NLHG. We have the knowledge, and we know how to use it!

I personally want to thank all our NLHG Leaders. Without you and your willingness to lead and give sacrificially of your time and talent to put together Gatherings each month, we would not be as equipped as we are right now. I encourage you all to thank your local NLHG boards for all they have done to ready you.

If you, personally, have reached out and helped one other woman in the last few weeks, you are living out our purpose statement, and I couldn’t be more proud. NLHG exists to empower women through homesteading. Our lifestyle is no longer a cute hobby. This lifestyle sustains, nurtures, and feeds those around us. It gives us health and confidence and the ability to care for our own. Knowledge casts out fear, and you have the knowledge.

So during this tumultuous time of uncertainty, hold fast to your community, help one another, share your bounty. And remember, you are prepared for such a time as this.

Cyndi Ball
Founder and Executive Director

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2 thoughts on “For Such A Time As This”

  1. I am a new member. Feeling an overwhelming need to do things and prepare on a daily basis. Things I use to considered a hobby. Busy readying my home, kids, parents, life. All as a single woman in an area of silicone and selfish individuals. Then I was blessed to find NLHG and read “For such a time as this” I knew I was no longer alone and the overwhelming feeling calmed.
    Thank you for this and for assisting in making the light brighter.

  2. This sums up so perfectly what has been on my mind these last few weeks. It really hit a chord with me. I am so glad you put this into words. My husband and I felt the need to learn homesteading skills many years back incase of a job loss, or a power outage; never thinking something like this would occur. And yet when it did, we felt concerned but not overwhelmed because we saw immediately how well we were prepared for an event we never really envisioned happening. Now as we roll into an additional 30 days of staying at home we are not thrilled about it but we’ll continue to keep our heads down and work on what we can at the house and stay focused on what we have control over.

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