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COVID-19 Guidelines for Reopening Chapters

Due to the constantly changing nature of COVID-19, some of these guidelines may not apply to your Chapter. We ask that you follow your current (and most stringent) local, state, and federal laws when you consider reopening your in-person Chapter Gatherings.

Our local communities are so important to us and we have missed them greatly during this time of social distancing! You will need to submit to your Regional Director a reopening plan (via email) and then discuss that plan with them in a phone call before holding any in-person Gatherings.


First, look to your state and local authorities for their guidelines. Follow the most stringent guidelines that would apply to you. If your state (or local authority) is not allowing groups of 10+ people to gather, do not hold in-person Gatherings. Include the links to this information in your plan (examples: your state or local government’s reopening plans or a .gov website with reopening information stating what is allowed).

Second, contact your Gathering facility and ask if they would allow an in-person Gathering for 10+ people. If yes, what are their requirements? If you discuss it over the phone with your facility, please follow up with them in an email that they respond to so that you can include that email chain in your reopening plan.

Once you have determined that your state/local authorities and facility will allow an in-person Gathering of 10+ people, now consider if holding an in-person Gathering is in the best interests of your Members and guests:

How many of your regular attendees need to take extra precautions? How many of your regular attendees are caregivers for people in those categories?

Will you be able to follow the CDC guidelines for protecting yourself and others:

  • six feet of space between all attendees,
  • a sink with running water and soap, or provide hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol,
  • masks, and
  • disinfecting the location before and after your Gathering.

Also, please hold off on having any food and drink available at Gatherings.

If you believe your Chapter is able to hold an in-person Gathering following these guidelines, please email your reopening plan to your Regional Director and schedule a time to go over your plan with her.

If you can’t follow these guidelines yet or you want to be extra cautious, that’s okay! Please continue to offer virtual Gatherings (Facebook Live, Zoom, etc.) right now. In fact, even if you are able to do an in-person Gathering, please try and continue to offer a virtual option if you can, for those who aren’t ready to attend Gatherings yet.

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