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Truly focusing on THANKS- GIVING

Today I’m taking a quick flight to North Carolina to be with family for Thanksgiving.  My dearest Mom and Dad and my sweet daughter and her beautiful family live there.  

After 2020’s major personal life changes, spending quality time with family and friends is a top-of-the-list priority.  Looking the other in the eyes while we share all that’s going on in life.  Really listening instead of trying to multi-task and missing the hidden emotions portrayed only in the precious face across from me.  Putting my phone down in the other room, silencing the notifications and noise.  Giving of myself, wholly present, so I don’t miss a moment.  We are never promised tomorrow, only the moment we are in presently.  

I want to hear the laughter of my grandchildren as we play “tickle monster.”  I want my lap to be available when they ask to read their favorite book for the hundredth time.  Snuggles and “cozy” time together.

Intentionality has been a priority when spending time with friends and those in my community. These women matter and I want to make sure they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how important they are to me.  I want to be aware of the nuances in conversations and actions.

Intentionality means giving.  Giving of myself to the moment at hand and to the beautiful soul before me.  This is my heart.

This Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, my heart is truly overflowing for my “community.”  Those whom I have the privilege of calling family and friend.

My heart also grieves for those who are without Community and carry the burden of loneliness and not belonging.  I have known those burdens and wish for no one to have to carry them.

In this season of THANKS- GIVING, I am asking if you would join me in being intentional while spending time with family and friends, thankful to be blessed with a beautiful Community.

I am asking too, if you would please consider making a donation to the National Ladies Homestead Gathering to help us continue in our mission to Build Community.  All across this country, there are  women who have a deep longing to be accepted into a beautiful Community of like-minded women.  May I never forget.

I wish each and every one of you a blessed Thanksgiving, intentionally being present in the moments of this holiday season with friends and family.

-Cyndi Ball
Founder and Executive Director

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