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Part 1: Visiting Amish Country

And just like that, I was in Cleveland, Ohio! A quick, uneventful flight from Philadelphia … exactly how I like to fly!

I picked up my rental car and watched as the remnants of the city faded in my rearview mirror. Eight lanes of traffic became four and then two. I traveled the back roads, scenic and winding miles, to Amish country. Wide open fields, beautiful pristine farms with pastel colored dresses handing on the line to dry. One-room schoolhouses with adorable children playing together, wearing traditional Amish garb. I passed Amish buggies pulled by sleek, muscular horses wearing blinders. Shocks of hay lined the fields, teams of horses pulled equipment through rows of corn, and house yards were trimmed neatly.

With an audible inhale and long exhale – I had arrived in the land of the Amish farmers.

I’ve always been fascinated by their lifestyle and ways of farming. Their workmanship is quality, and their products so naturally stunning.

My job for the next two days was to discover all the treasures in this particular area of Ohio so we can share them with all the ladies attending the National Gathering in Kidron, Ohio.

The first night, I stayed at the Cobblestone Hotel and Suites in Orville – my room was lovely, very clean, and tidy! I was on the second story and had a window facing west. As the sun set, the stunning display encompassed a huge old red barn across the street.

When the “welcome” gift finished in the sky, I realized I had not eaten since morning. I inquired at the Front Desk about local restaurants in the quaint little town of Orville. The choices were limited, but I drove to a family-owned Mexican restaurant just down the road. The parking lot was full, which is typically a great sign! Being a Thursday night, I was surprised by the number of people inside. Instead of taking up space at a table, I offered to sit at the bar while I waited for my to-go order. They placed chips and super yummy salsa in front of me to munch on while I waited, with a huge glass of water. And just as I dipped the last chip in salsa, they brought my to-go dinner. I looked at the bill – was that all?? I thanked them for their hospitality while I waited and handed them my payment with an extra-nice tip.

I set up everything for a nice dinner and turned on the TV. I don’t have a television, so when I travel and stay in a hotel, I try to catch up on any DIY shows during my downtime. 🙂

My meal was fantastic, and slowly, the speed of the day and the drive on unfamiliar backroads began to creep in. With heavy eyes, I prepared for some much-needed sleep and snuggled into a very comfy bed. The next day’s agenda was packed full, and I couldn’t wait to get up and out to explore! But first … sleep.

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