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2023 National Gathering – Ohio Presenters

Our first National Gathering in Kidron, Ohio is fast approaching! Still haven’t registered? Click here!

Here are some details about each of our wonderful presenters:

Amy Murray: Homemade noodles & ravioli … and sauce

Amy and her husband, Randy, raised their five children in rural Wayne County. Wood chip gardening, chickens, wood burner heat, and putting food up have been lifestyle choices for many years. Amy has been an employee of Lehman’s for over ten years. They enjoy traveling to visit their children, who reside all across the continent from Iowa to Wisconsin to Mexico.

Class description: Amy will demo Lehman’s pasta maker and the Roma sauce maker. She will make different kinds of pasta, such as bow ties, ravioli, spaghetti, lasagna, and tortellini. Be prepared to try some delicious samples!

Lori Showalter: Alternative, off grid lighting for the modern home

I have worked at Lehman’s for 22 years; for 17 years, I have been the Trainer. As Trainer, I’ve learned a lot about our products and developed a special interest in oil lamps – specifically, the Aladdin mantle lamps. They have become my favorite product area to teach, and I continue to learn more about them as my collection of Aladdin lamps grows (37 and counting!).

Class description: We will learn about various types of non-electric lighting. You’ll learn the differences between different styles, the pros and cons of each, and how to choose the right one for you. The focus will be on oil and mantle lamps, including how-to demonstrations.

Sarah Thrush: Not your average, run-of-the-mill canning

Sarah Thrush of the popular Sarah Plain & Tall is a homesteading economist, teacher, and naturalist whose mission is to help others achieve a lifestyle of self-sufficiency through subsistence agriculture, home food preservation techniques, and naturalism. Sarah teaches millions of followers the basics of water bath and pressure canning for the novice and as a refresher for the experienced canner. Sarah lives on her 20-acre homestead in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband & children. Sarah’s goal is to feed the world, and believes “food makes friends of us all.”

Class description: “I want to learn about pressure canning, but I’m afraid!” You’ve come to the right place! This class will cover the basics of canning, the equipment used, the science behind canning, and a live demo of the pressure canner so you can see how it works! Let’s work together to help you gain canning confidence and food security.

  • Class sizes are limited, so everyone gets 1-on-1 help
  • No canning equipment needed
  • No previous canning experience needed
  • Q&A with Sarah to answer all your questions

Karen Geiser: Fermenting – It’s what’s good for your gut

Karen Geiser lives on a family farm just down the road from Lehmans. She raises a menagerie of salad greens, heirloom veggies, medicinal herbs, cut flowers, and berries. Karen delights in feeding her family well and teaching homesteading skills to many ages.

Class description: Lacto fermentation is an ancient food preservation method that has become popular again. Karen will share the benefits of fermented foods and the basics of creating them in your kitchen. She will demonstrate making sauerkraut, kimchi, and dill pickles, plus you will have the opportunity to sample some of her family’s favorite ferments.

Mrs. Katie from Heritage Ways: Butter and Beyond – got milk?

The love of all things home has been in Mrs. Katie’s heart for over fifty years. She joyfully carries on the vital profession of homekeeping, which she learned at the feet of her mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Her passion for cooking and creating a cozy home is evident in her life. She and her “Mr. Patient” are parents of six and grandparents of three. Her passion is to encourage and support homemakers around the globe. Mrs. Katie of Heritage Ways can be found teaching homemaking skills at Heritage Ways YouTube and other social platforms, as well as leading local workshops and classes. She is the founder and editor of the homemakers’ popular community in‐home newspaper, The Journal. The author of two cookbooks, she maintains the business of creating content and goods for homemakers and homesteaders of all ages. Born and bred in Tennessee, Mrs. Katie brings a delightful taste of Southern hospitality and comfort food to her Ohio home outside Amish Country in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where she continues to homeschool her youngest children.

Class description: Can’t afford the high prices of dairy products these days? Would you prefer more natural options to the strange ingredients found on many store brands? Learn how to make gut-happy and people‐pleasing dairy products at home, such as yogurt, farmer’s cheese, labneh, and kefir.

Click here to register! We’ll see you in Kidron, Ohio soon!

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