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Part 3: Visiting Amish Country

I made it to Lehman’s – FINALLY!

It was a quick trip from the Dutch Kitchen to Lehman’s Hardware Store. But seriously, we couldn’t get there fast enough. I’d waited years to walk through the front door of this store! Thank goodness the scenery along the way was breathtaking. I’m telling you, if you’ve never been to Amish country, you’re missing out on an agricultural feast for the eyes—acres upon acres of magnificent fields, tidy farmhouses, one-room schoolhouses, and horse-drawn buggies.

There was a short discussion between those of us in the car who had been to Lehman’s before about where to park. In my head, I was muttering, “Please, just pick a spot so I can get out!!!” Luckily, it was one of those “inside thoughts.”

We parked, grabbed notebooks, and went to find the Lehman’s committee, who were helping us organize for the Ohio National Gathering in June. We walked through the front door of Lehman’s—AHHHHHHHHHHHH! The homestead heavens opened! I stood in a daze and then was rudely slapped back to reality when we were told we needed to find the team in the other building across the parking lot. Back out the door we went—I was soooo close!

As we waited for our people to gather, Kayla (from the Lehman’s committee) kindly offered to give us a store tour. A quick tour, a no-touch tour, a “we don’t have time to stop in EVERY aisle along the way” tour. Torture. This was like taking a kid into a candy store, aisles and aisles of every candy he had ever dreamed of and telling him to run up and down the aisles as quickly as he could and then come and take a math test.

My head was on a swivel, trying to take it all in, my brain overloaded from all the very cool information Kayla was telling us about the store’s history.

And, back out the door we went AGAIN! We had our meeting—it was lovely—and then we were free to head back to the Lehman’s store, the homesteading mecca of products!

The other two gals from NLHG, who had been to Lehman’s soooo many times before, walked with me for a bit and then needed to head back to their homes. Sweet goodbyes, authentic thanks for all they had done to make this trip happen, special thanks to the chauffeur and then….

I was standing alone in the front lobby, with aisles and aisles before me, and I could meander down each and every one!

Of course, it was nearing closing time, so I had to choose my course of action carefully in order to see everything I wanted to see.

Let me stop you here, especially if you’ve never been to Lehman’s. There is NO way you will ever see EVERYTHING there is to see in that store! Just giving you a dose of reality so you can set your expectations accordingly. Just sayin’. You’ll thank me later 😉

I was able to see most of what I wanted, made a few purchases, and as the aisles began to clear, I realized the time. I needed to get back on the road to Cleveland.

What a fantastic day it had been! A whirlwind tour of Amish country, and we barely scratched the surface of all there was to see. And the highlight of the day? Visiting Lehman’s after all those years of waiting.

I relished the memories as I cruised along the highway back to Cleveland. I was very thankful I’d be back again in a few months, at a slower pace, with more time to take in all the Amish Country had to offer. And the next time, I’d get to share it with more of my community, my community of like-minded women and friends from NLHG.

9 thoughts on “Part 3: Visiting Amish Country”

  1. Great
    What a fun and exciting adventure to finally make it to Lehman’s after waiting for years! The beauty of Amish country along the way must have been breathtaking. Your description of the store makes me want to go, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Live Free Offgrid

  2. Martine Faucher Wanzer

    I want to know what you selected to buy at Lehman’s! Let us live vicariously a little more through your visit 🙂

    1. Lol! I bought two different oil lamps, soap nuts, oil for the lamps, and a journal (the cover had a zipper!) I was flying back home so space was limited 🙁

  3. I am so excited to be going. I have talked with the gals from the Ohio Chapter and it’s feels almost overwhelming all there will be to see and do besides just attending the National Gathering. It is always a super-high to hang with NLHG our women. But I am excited that I’ll have the chance to meet so many of you I have texted and seen on the NVG. I simply can’t wait. 79 days until we hit the road. ; )

  4. Lehman’s is awesome. I live a few miles away, and I’ve only been there a few times. Thanks for reminding me about this treasure in my backyard! : )

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