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Doing Crazy with Community!

This particular date had been on the calendar for months. In fact, it was a goal I’d set for the year 2022. For 11 months, I quietly stressed about this goal. I wasn’t doing it alone – others were joining me, counting on me. The pressure was on!

As the days rolled by, I did as much work as I could to get ready … um, well, I did as much work as I WANTED to get ready. I mean, I did try. I just wasn’t consistent.

We had the dates, the time, and those who were participating. And finally, I flipped the calendar to November.

The chosen day had arrived!!!

Three of my very dear friends were driving up from GA to spend the weekend with me in PA. My first official visitors to my new home! I was beyond excited and a bit emotional about the reunion.

I had a special connection with this carload of friends – the connection unique to each woman. We’d done life together at different times during our friendship. Hard times, happy times, serious and silly. Two of my sweet friends were widows – young widows, and I’d had the privilege of walking with them in their grief. Another friend was transitioning from a full house to kids going off to college. And each of them had been there for me, in their own way, during one of the hardest times of my life.

Our friendships had started, grown, and strengthened during our time together in NLHG. What brought us together was knowledge. As we spent time learning together with others, our Community grew, and as we walked life together, our friendship intensified.

I may never have met them had it not been for NLHG. Each of us taking the risk to show up and be a little vulnerable … beautiful!

They’ve been friendships deepening and strengthening over the last 12 years. And on this day in November, we were all gathering at my home in PA to embark on an adventure together!

I giddily watched the app showing me where their car was on the map. Now they were in my neighborhood! Two more turns and they would be in front of my house! I quickly grabbed a pair of shoes, ran out the door to the sidewalk on the street, and waited….not very patiently, I must admit.

There they were! Windows rolled down, we started calling to one another, laughing, and then … open car doors, smiles and hugs all around. Quickly we unloaded the car and walked inside my home. The conversations were
continuous as they shared their trip from GA to PA. I gave them the grand tour of my new “cabin,” and then we settled down for a quick bite to eat while chatting, laughing, and sharing stories.

Oh, how my heart had longed to be with friends who knew me, really knew me, and loved me, and accepted me just as I am.

Have you ever experienced that kind of friendship? Have you known what it is to be with other women who “get you”? Understand your choice of lifestyle? Have you ever allowed yourself to be vulnerable enough to invest in another person and be known?

Sure, it can be a little intimidating and perhaps a little uncomfortable, but can I share something with you? It is sooooo worth the effort!

That’s what Community is all about. Being in a safe place to open up so you can be known and having the freedom and opportunity to get to know others!

But it means taking the first step, putting in some effort, and allowing yourself to get a little uncomfortable at first.

Our National Gatherings are intended for exactly this—creating an environment for growing friendships. Coming together over a common interest, spending time with other women exploring the beauty of a certain area, and sharing meals together unencumbered by the daily duties of home and work. A time just for you to enjoy being in the company of other women who get you and accept you just as you are.

What does it take from you to experience the amazing benefits of Community? A commitment to attend the National Gatherings and the effort to open yourself up to connect with other women.

I invite you to our National Gatherings. I do so knowing the incredible, heart-warming experience of meeting new friends and deepening the friendships already known.

Think of it this way …

We are placing before you the most delightful, sumptuous meal created especially for your palate. The table is set beautifully, every detail attended to, and vases of sweet-smelling flowers all around. The only way for you to truly enjoy all the flavors and nuances of this amazing meal? You must lift the fork with your own effort.

Come and share an amazing weekend together with other like-minded women eager to learn alongside you, and looking forward to getting to know YOU!

We’ll be in Kidron, Ohio in June! Click here for more info, the deadline is coming up shortly!

And we’ll be in Wallace, Idaho, in October – click here for all the details!
Registration is already open to NLHG VIP Members!

PS: And that crazy adventure my friends and I all came together to experience? Well, that story is for another blog, and believe me – it was crazy! 😉

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