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All about National Ladies Homestead Gathering, our Chapters, and what we’re doing now.

Thrive In Community

Do you have a place where you belong? Do you feel seen and heard? Does your Community support and encourage you as your travel your homesteading journey?

Doing Crazy with Community!

Our National Gatherings are intended for exactly this—creating an environment for growing friendships. Coming together over a common interest, spending time with other women exploring the beauty of a certain area, and sharing meals together unencumbered by the daily duties of home and work. A time just for you to enjoy being in the company of other women who get you and accept you just as you are.

Part 3: Visiting Amish Country

I relished the memories as I cruised along the highway back to Cleveland. I was very thankful I’d be back again in a few months, at a slower pace, with more time to take in all the Amish Country had to offer. And the next time, I’d get to share it with more of my community, my community of like-minded women and friends from NLHG.

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