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Rosemary Italian Loaf

This bread recipe is one of my family’s staples and can be altered and adapted to form various loaves depending on occasion. It makes decent rolls, sandwich, or a great baguette. I love the smell of rosemary as the final loaves are baking; it fills up the house with such warmth!

Amazing Alliums

Onions and garlic are just a start to the greatness that is the Allium family! In this article, you will gain more familiarity with their uses in the garden, kitchen, medicinal, and wild, with recipes, resources, and much more!

Fire Cider: A Traditional Folk Remedy

Fire Cider is an apple cider vinegar infusion of spicy roots, vegetables, and herbs. Traditionally, it’s been used as a folk remedy for the common cold. People have been known to take a spoonful daily as an immune booster and to aid their digestion.

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